RAC-New for 2018

In response to the amazing success of our RAC travel range and the growing demands of the pet travel industry we have worked closely with RAC to launch an extension to the range which includes a number of new additions and enhancements of our favourite existing products. With the current hot weather and the six-week summer holidays fast approaching, more people than ever are choosing to remain in the UK for their summer holidays and keeping their pets with them. This means no more leaving your pets in kennels; your four-legged friends are able to come on a staycation to the UK with the whole family.

Our top tips for travel: Make sure your pet is carrying I.D! An I.D. tag with your phone number on will help reconnect you with your pet if they go missing. It is also recommended to carry your pet insurance documents with you on holiday in case of emergency.

According to rule 57 of the Highway Code, dogs and other animals must be suitably restrained in transit to ensure they cannot distract the driver or cause harm to themselves or others in the event of a sudden stop. Pet carriers, cages or dog guards are all effective ways of restraining your pet. We recommend our Advanced Walking Harnesswhich is now suitable for in-car use so there is no need to spend time fiddling between harnesses. Combined with our Harness Seatbelt Connector, your dog will remain safe, secure and comfortable for the entirety of your journey.

Take regular breaks and always ensure your pet has ample water available when you arrive at your destination to make sure they stay happy and healthy. It’s always a good idea to pack extra bottled water in case of an unexpected delay or detour. Our Advanced Collapsible Bowl Set is small and portable for ease of travelling and comes with a hands-free clasp meaning it can be carried with you at all times! Coming in a set of two colours, the bowls are lightweight, durable and BPA free.

Make sure your pet is comfortable! If you’re planning an extended trip or long journey, your pet will need a pleasant and safe place to rest. Our Advanced Boot Bed with Bumper Protector provides a comfortable and practical place for your pet to rest while you are travelling. Waterproof and machine washable, the bed comes with a pull-down flap to protect your car bumper from scratches and make it easier for your dog to climb in and out of the car. The bed can also be removed and used indoors to give your pet a familiar place to sleep. For shorter (or messier!) journeys, the Advanced Boot Protector provides protection for your car while ensuring your pet stays safer and cleaner. The protector is machine washable and leak proof with a handy non-slip rubber backing; in addition, the heavy-duty carpet material is durable and ensures that your car can withstand even the messiest of pets!

Ensuring your pet is happy, healthy and comfortable this summer will guarantee a seamless, enjoyable holiday for the whole family! By planning ahead and making sure your pet has everything they need for a trip away, every pet owner can experience a worry-free vacation that will care for your pet’s health (and your car!)

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