Say goodbye to destructive pet behaviour and cash in on these best selling brain training games! Stimulate pets mentally with 3 different games to choose from, challenging the dog to find hidden treats through circular, side to side and push, pull lever actions.

iQuties Snack Attacks


iQuities Snack Attacks are treat release balls that offer dogs a fun mental challenge.

  • Highly durable
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Removable nozzle making it easy to clean
  • Made from vinyl materials

iQuties Treat Wheel

  • Circular shaped board with 6 holes for hiding treats
  • Has 3 sliding disks which challenges the dog to find the healthy treats
  • Compressed wood construction
Title Dimensions Code Pack Size
Snack Attacks S 7.5 cm Dia 1080004 6
Snack Attacks M 10 cm Dia 1080005 6
Snack Attacks L 12.5 cm Dia 1080006 6
iQuties Treat Wheel 33 cm Dia 1080001 3
iQuties Bone Slots 33 x 45 cm 1080002 3
iQuties Slot and Lever 33cm Dia 1080003 3

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