Pets Brands offers the right products, at the right price across a vast range of categories.

Pet Brands products all allow pet owners to care, train and play with their pets. Our categories include:

  • Food and treats
  • Toys
  • Collars, harnesses and leads
  • Feeding mats and bowls
  • Hygiene and grooming
  • Fashion
  • Bedding

A licensed product portfolio

Our product portfolio includes some of the world’s most recognisable brands, from Hello Kitty and Tatty Teddy to Alan Titchmarsh and RAC all of which are secured with exclusivity thanks to our growing reputation.

We have an expanding portfolio of own label brands with over 600+ ‘Must Have’ ranges providing a ‘one stop shop’ solution for our retail partners.

Food & Treats


We offer only nutritionally balanced food and safe treats for dogs, cats and small animals under Pet Brands licensed and own label brands. Click here to find out more...



All our toys come in a variety of different textures, flavours, shapes and squeak sounds to suit the different needs of pets - mental stimulation, comfort, rough and tough or interactive training toys. Click here to find out more...

Collars, Harnesses & Leads


Suitable for puppy and kitten through to jumbo breeds, Pet Brands offer a range of traditional, modern or fashionable collars, harnesses and leads. Click here to find out more...

Feeding Mats & Bowls


A selection of feeding mats and bowls are available in stainless steel, plastic, ceramic or stoneware. As pets need 2 bowls for food and water Pet Brands also offer dual sets. Bowls with sloping edges as they are difficult for pets to tip over. Click here to find out more...

Hygiene and Grooming

PuppyPad single

Pet Brands only produce pet safe shampoo and grooming products that make skin and coat look and smell great. Click here to find out more...



All year round fashion keeps our pets protected rain or shine. Click here to find out more...



Pets snooze in style with our huge collection of traditional and modern beds. Click here to find out more...



Travelling safely with pets can be a matter of life or death. Pet Brands strongly recommends pet crates or travel safety harnesses whilst travelling anywhere in the car. Click here to find out more...

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