Tough Tugger


The range combines the strength of TPR in our unique rhino shaped mould, with sturdy braided rope and classic rubber to challenge your pet during play time. Designed to encourage your dog to constructively chew, offering a fun interactive way to play. The concept behind our new Tough Tugger range was strength and durability. Inspired by the tough hide of a rhino, this range is designed to cater to the needs of medium and large sized dogs and provide them with a favourite toy for endless enjoyment.

We have used braided rope throughout our extra tough range because of its qualities as strong and extremely difficult to separate apart. This is due to the nature of the ropes tight braided design, it allows the pet to sink its teeth in and grab hold whilst consistently retaining shape. Our unique Rhino shaped Tugger is the ultimate tug toy for any pet. Composed of flexible TPR, this Rhino is intended to be used within rough play. TPR’s material composition makes this product long-lasting yet supple and safe for your pet; whilst the grooves and features of the Rhino allow your pet to easily clutch a tough hold during interactive play.

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