Fresh Auto Feeder - White


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Our auto-feeder allows the owner to seamlessly feed their pet with a touch of a button no matter where you are. Using the app pet owners can program a feeding schedule for their pet. We use a double-fresh lock technique to ensure food preservation, ultising silicones sealing rings around the food outlet door and a moisture prof desiccant box within the feeder that locks food in freshness for up to 30days. Our smart feeder's food lever system is design to the bionics principle, form self-adaptive system with oscillating bar, spring check-board and silicone impeller. Zero stuck after million tests and counting... Due to our silicone impellers design using pressure to prevent blockage, owners can used mixed size kibble at the same time. An infrared sensor check the motions of the motor and inner wheel to ensure feeding as planned. The feeder is built with a weight sensor inside and will inform you when the not enough food is present. The food outlet door is also fitted with a sensor and will remain open when it sense an external force to prevent injury. The stainless steel feeding dish is easily removed for cleaning. The FRESH feeder also feature and emergency power supply system ensuring your feeder continues to work even ensuring a power outage.

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