Pet Activity Moniter P2

Product Details


With our advanced motion sensor technology the Pet Kit P2 Activity Monitor records your pet’s activities 24/7. Collecting data the product then send the data to the cloud for calculation and analysis which is reported on the corresponding App. The monitor is made from a high quality Magnalium which ensures the product is strong and puncture resistant whilst remaining light. Sleep Analysis: P2 helps you to review your pets sleeping patterns to ensure your pet is getting enough sleep as well as the quality of their sleep. Consumption record: The P2 collects information to calculate the calories burned by your pet. Combine this with food brand and breed type the P2 helps you to control the qty of food to your pet. Health Report: The P2 record daily performance of your pet over a 24hr continuous period, alerting owner with mood alerts “Today’s mood is happy” as well as health reports and activity reports “Insufficient total activity time” or “Deep sleep time insufficient”.

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