Smart Antibacterial Bowl Fresh-white


Product Details


Our FRESH Smart Pet Bowl will help you control and monitor your pets diet to keep them happy and healthy. The bowl allows the user to measure food and water directly into the bowl, converting the measurement to the desired unit. The outer material is composed of the BioCleanAct™ antimicrobial plastic, this helps to eliminate germs and bacterial such as e-colli to keep your pet fit and strong. Working well with the PetKit app, the product further connects to the Pet activity tracker to track calories consumed versus calories burned offerings suggestions for the best health of your pet. Bio-clean antimicrobial waterproof outer helps to eliminate the majority of bad bacteria and germs. Built in digital scale that converts units from gms/lbs/oz/ml The PetKit app monitors food consumptions and advise food and feeding suggestions along with tracking calorie consumption. Combine with the PetKit activity tracker to review calories consumed against calories burned. Entirely waterproof. Non-slip base

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